My Uncles. In Memory of Tio Jr.


I grew up with some amazing uncles. We watched wrestling, baseball games, and ate junk food when the women of the family said no more. I grew up in a space where race never mattered.  It was all about friendship, and shared interests. I’m so proud to have grown up with these bonds, and I’m happy when I see them take fruition in my own life.  We lost my oldest uncle, Carmelo, best known as Tio Jr. this morning. My Uncle Jeff wrote a beautiful piece today in his memory.

Love you all, and will always love you, Tio.

When I moved from Virginia to New York as a pre-teen, I was the first black and a Baptist in the neighborhood several months later a family moved across the street from me. There were 4 boys in that family. The were of Puerto Rican decent and they were Catholic. They were the first Puerto Rican family in the neighborhood. As a southern country boy I had never heard of that race . But that didn’t matter to me, I had some new friends to hang out with.

Their names were Carmelo (Jr), John, Joey,and Jorge. All four of them including their mother and farther treated me as if I was a member of the family.
I may have been born an only child, but I consider myself very lucky to find 4 brothers who considered me their brother in every way. I can proudly and honestly say growing up with those guys help broaden, and shape some of my views and taste in many aspects of the choices I have made in my life.
Well this past Sunday my oldest brother Jr. passed away. I was saddened to hear this news. I had not seen Jr. for many years. But as in any family you don’t have to see them everyday because the loved for that family member will always be strong.
My thoughts and prayers go out for his immediately family, Wife Evelyn,Daughter Debbie, and son David. And to the entire Gomez family.Jr. you will always be in my heart. RIP my Brother !!!From left to right Joey,Jorge,John and Carmelo aka: Jr., June, Jay !!


2 responses to “My Uncles. In Memory of Tio Jr.

  1. Jada, what a beautiful way to honor your Uncle Jr. and Jeff’s note to the family warmed my heart. He’s absolutely right, family is always family, no matter how far apart or the time between our visits. May Jr. Rest in Peace and I wish Peace to the Gomez family as well. Love you all. Tina
    (Portia Eaglin)

  2. As I struggle to compute this unprecedented turn of events, I am comforted knowing that far or near, the rest of the family is with me. I love you all very much. 💔 RIP Carmelo Gomez Jr. 1953-2012

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