Chester French Debuts Songs About “Black Girls”

“This ain’t no fetish, I’m objectifying no one… The whole world’s turning brown… I’ve got a thing for black girls.” As the lyrics from Chester French’s new song indicates, the face of America is indeed changing.

Here’s finally one for the black girls. The rock pop duo delivers an ode to brown beauties with the new guitar blaring anthem, “Black Girls.” Some may find it patronizing, but in an age where black women seem to always finish last, and numerous studies try to dissect skin color, hair textures, and dating woes, the song is refreshing. Hopefully it will cause a domino effect in rap lyrics as well, where positive images of women are as scant as the attire of a video vixen.

Like Chester French notes in song, British bands have been hip to black girls for decades. No ode puts it better than the Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar.” A resurgence would be a welcome change, so all women can feel the love.

Positive lyrics aside, the video for “Black Girls” is all raunch. Try to peel your eyes from the girl on girl interracial loving in this NSFW clip.


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