Video Premiere: Robin Thicke: “Love After War”

I just want to love you lady,
Want to put down our weapons, baby…

When you have a wife as beautiful as Paula Patton, there’s no need to find a leading lady for videos. In a recent interview with Complex, she attributes their marriage’s success to pure desire– she said the two can’t keep their hands off each other. They take their desire all the way to Paris in Robin Thicke’s latest, the Hype Williams-directed “Love After War.”

Robin’s  upcoming album, Love After War, hits stores on December 6. And Paula will star alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which will heat up box offices soon.

If these two aren’t already the hottest couple ever, check out Robin’s note to fans. Swoon and swoon some more:

The truth, the lies, the joy, the cries
the lust, the pain, and all that is gained…
as the fog of gunfire clears
and the rain disappears…
I see a sliver of light, soft lips and heart
beating against mine.
Once again I find…
Love After War


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