Video Premiere: Beyonce: “End Of Time” & “I Was Here”

I’ll be your own little star, let me shine in your world…

When I first heard “End Of Time,” I must have played the track for an entire day. I hoped Beyonce’s video spree, that spawned clips for practically all of her 4 album,  would provide visuals for easily my favorite song of the year. But as her baby bump grows, the possibility seemed unlikely. I forgot that King B rarely disappoints. Shimmying in glittery minis and belting those lyrics I wish I wrote, the “End Of Time” clip, a compilation of scenes from her Roseland concerts in NY, is all I needed. Grabbing those heels and practicing her moves as I write.

I love that as she sings, “I’ll be your baby,” she clutches her belly in front of a crowd completely in the dark ,  until she revealed her happy news at the VMAs just a week later.

The mom-to-be also released a clip for my second favorite song of the year, “I Was Here.” She belts the track as footage from her road to the top plays in the background, featuring Young Bey hitting the running man and Bey the Woman meeting Nelson Mandela. Pop that moves the soul.


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