Over The Weekend: Frank Ocean Performs “Miss You,” Premieres New Music At London Show

It is so simple a feeling,
But it’s everything…

I didn’t have much down time this weekend, but I did catch this footage from Frank Ocean’s London concert, and it’s been on my mind ever since.

The first time I heard Beyonce’s “Miss You,” I could hear Frank Ocean’s influence all over it, and I’ve always wanted to hear his demo version. Luckily for fans, he’s performing the track as part of his live show. Stripped of studio tricks, Ocean relies on keyboard strokes and pure emotion to convey his message. Like only the best storytellers can, he lingers on every note, bringing you into his story, or transporting you to one of your own.

Watch his New Orleans performance below, but the London concert footage is breathtaking. Check it on this concert goer’s extremely dope tumblr.

He also premiered his new track, “Disillusioned.”

And just because it’s probably the greatest song I wish I wrote, here’s “Thinking About You.”


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