Glee Tackles An “Asian F” And OCD

And I will try to fix you…

Here’s what you missed on Glee…

Last night belonged to straight laced dance man Mike Chang and shy guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury.

Mike Chang was able to dance despite his father’s reluctance because of his perfect grades. But when he got his first A- (“That’s an Asian F”), he was faced with the pressure of giving into his father’s expectations or pursuing his passion.

He chose the latter– and even sang!!

Emma’s OCD has been under control, thanks to the unconditional love from her boyfriend, Mr. Schue. But after dinner with her overbearing parents, she starts to spiral.

Glee handles OCD with such sensitivity. It has little to do with trivial preferences (“I only use pink folders.”), and is no way an adjective for analness (“I’m so OCD!”) It’s a painful anxiety disorder that bullies sufferers.

As Emma begins her rituals, Mr. Schue kneels beside the bed with her, unsure of how to help but vows to stay beside her.

Fight your battles and win.



2 responses to “Glee Tackles An “Asian F” And OCD

  1. Love it!!!!

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