A Place Of My Own

Finally took a seat upon a throne…

Alicia Keys and Jay-Z lit up the I Heart Radio Fest in Las Vegas over the weekend. Before the pair hit the stage for their NY anthem, Alicia debuted a beautiful piano ballad, “A Place Of My Own,” that will surely appear on her next album.

If you follow this blog, you know that when Alicia takes to the keyboard it usually inspires me to create on mine. “I chose to rise up, and there’s no denying…” The lyrics really speak to me, giving melody to the point where I am in life. As a writer, I’d be happy if even one person found a piece of themselves in my catharsis:

Change. I suck at it. Ever since I was a little kid, I fairly strayed from the path of the familiar. But whenever I really reflect on it, the times that I did leap, it’s always been the best thing for me. And they are usually major moves.

Next week, everything changes. It will be my last week at a job that’s been my post-college campus for almost 6 years. I’ve learned so much there– about business, branding, how to be a great editor, and I even met a Real Housewife or two. It would be so natural to just stay there, a corporate security blanket that’s comforting and all I’ve known.

But when I leave next Friday, I’m officially starting a new chapter. And as nervous as I am, I’m thrilled because I know that this will be the beginning of some amazing things. And the level of amazing is all in my control. Oprah always says that you have to know that when you’ve learned all you can in one place, it’s time to move on. And I’ve learned all I can there. It’s time to leap.

As I gather writers for my new role as Features Editor at an exciting new startup, the one I call “Baby Essence,” nerves have given way to an on the cloud feeling. I’m blessed with an excited team with infinite ideas. And they believe in me.

So here goes.

As I step into this new role, I truly want to thank all of the editors, writers, managers, messengers, business people, travel agents– everyone who made my experience at Time Inc. a fantastic one. Whenever I say I’ll come back one day, you’ve all told me that my future is bright, and Time Inc. will just be a place I used to work. Your belief in me is humbling, and I will make you so proud.

And to some people who really taught me to not only realize dreams but make good on them– the nonagon, apolloKIDZ. In less than a year, we have truly made the sky the limit. From podcasts, photography, and all sorts of original content, a team of really smart, hilarious, passionate, and successful young people have accomplished something truly great– just by being themselves. You make me brave enough to step out on my own.

If you’re reading this, step into your moment.




One response to “A Place Of My Own

  1. Good luck Jada, stepping out on faith and living your dream is a big big thing. It’s time to take over the world 😀 Congrats. If you ever need an event photog in the Midwest, I’ll dust off my camera for you. 🙂

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