Songs for Aaliyah, 10 Years Later

Came to spread my love to the fans across the world
Reach out to you
Touch the hearts of boys and girls…- Aaliyah

There’s no artist I’ve looked up to more in my life than Aaliyah. When she came on the scene in 1994 with “Back And Forth,” I was hooked instantly. She was calm, cool, quietly confident, and always so put together. Aaliyah inspired many around the globe, although she never got to know every name or face. We haven’t forgotten her, and for the past decade, the musical landscape hasn’t either.

Here are some of the most memorable songs about the one and only Aaliyah.

J. Cole- “Bring Em In”
One in a million, girl you lookin’ like you knew Aaliyah…

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West- “Erase Me”
You an angel, you wave hi to Aaliyah…

Young Money feat. Lloyd – “Bedrock”
Girl, I gotta watch my back. Cause I’m not just anybody…

Drake feat. Young Jeezy- “Unforgettable”
Let me know, Let me know…

Jadakiss feat. Anthony Hamilton- “Why”
Why’d Aaliyah have to take that flight?

Jay-Z- “Miss You” Remix
You are so professional, our little purple star…

The Game- Dreams
Aaliyah had a dream…

Kanye feat. Jay-Z- “Never Let Me Down”
First Aaliyah and now Romeo Must Die? I know I got angels watchin’ me from the other side…

Boyz II Men- “Think of Aaliyah (The Aaliyah Song)”
When you think of Aaliyah, laugh don’t cry. I know she’d want it that way…

Missy Elliot feat. TLC & Tweet- “Can You Hear Me”
Long hair and the voice of a hummingbird…

Timbaland feat. Magoo & Wyclef Jean- “Hold On”
I go through a lot, since my Baby Girl’s not here…

Missy Elliot- “Baby Girl Interlude”
I live Baby Girl, I’ve learned to love those while they’re still awake. Sleep sleep…

Brandy- “Should I Go”
The industry was more like a different world. When it was just me, Monica, and Baby Girl..


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