A Royal Wedding: Introducing Princess Catherine!

In my mind, we can conquer the world…

I grew up feeling a special connection with the Royals because of my Mom. Prince William was born a month before me, and so my Mom always enjoyed watching us grow up together. Mom would point out some of his milestones along with mine, from our first days of school until our parents packed us up for college.

While Mom connected with Prince William’s journey, I developed an admiration of Princess Diana. She was selfless, kind, and a fun parent, just like Mom. I loved her public service, and she inspired me to pursue my own efforts to help people. I remember the night she was killed, and it was devastating to even imagine the news William and Harry would receive when they woke up that fateful morning.

As I watched today’s ceremony, there was a calmness and genuine tone among British traditions. Diana’s presence was felt. Princess Catherine, stunning in her wedding gown, did her own hair and makeup. In that simplicity alone, her down to earth confidence and understated beauty makes for a People’s Princess.

As a girly girl, the wedding felt like a fairy tale. Growing up, my favorite Disney movie was Sleeping Beauty. Flowing gowns, horse-drawn carriages, and a Prince’s kiss are all images that would delight any woman. And today, from our television screens to our iPads, we got to see one in real time, in real life.

Perhaps the most special thing about today’s events is that little girls are getting to live out their own princess dreams. Stand a little taller, smile, and dream along with them so they can believe that fairy tales can in fact come true.

Thanks, Mom, for letting me believe in my own fairy tale dreams. Love you.



In honor of the Royal Couple, George Michael lends his voice to Stevie Wonder’s classic, “You And I.”


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