Opening Day: A Bronx Salute

We still made it to the top…

Yesterday the gates opened at Yankee Stadium on the team’s quest for their 28th World Series. Yankee Stadium is one of my favorite places in the world, aside from Madison Square Garden. I’m a New Yorker, and my GPS doesn’t track far off this island.

A huge fan of the Yankees courtesy of my Dad, it’s more than baseball for me. There is no place with more character, more moxy, or spirit than the Bronx. Unless you count Harlem, but that’s an entirely different conversation. Surrounding the stadium, there’s graffiti murals, kids selling Yankee gear, Stan’s. And if you unfortunately bring a back pack, the locker made of tattered boxes.

I’m a Queens girl, and by right my loyalty should be with the Mets. I renounced my allegiance when I was about 6 years old, at Shea Stadium for yet another miserable loss and yelled from the stands that I hated the Mets. Sorry, Mom.

My grandparents immigrated to the Bronx to give my family a better life. My abuelita took her four boys to the field and taught them how to play baseball. She fed a young Sonya Sotomayor, letting the family friend keep her bike in the apartment while she played alongside the boys in their South Bronx building.

As you make your way to the Bronx this baseball season, take in the sounds, sights, and the heart of the Bronx.

It’s more than baseball.


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