Happy 30th Birthday, Justin Timberlake!

Don’t you know that from the start that you were always in my heart…

When I was younger, there were two JT’s: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Justin Timberlake. The original Justin, before the Biebster was even in diapers. And I fell in love at first sight. Here’s a snapshot of the love affair throughout the years:

1992– Justin joins the Mickey Mouse Club, MMC to those who belonged to the fan club. I was a proud card holding member of the crew. Along with Ryan Gosling, Justin sang Jodeci songs that warmed my 9 year old heart. But it was his rendition of Tevin Campbell’s “Always In My Heart,” that really made the love blossom.

1998: The MMC was cancelled in ’96, and Justin re-emerged with *NSYNC. I totally was smitten yet again, despite the bleached hair and synchronized danced moves, we went way back and I knew he had so much soul.

2000: Are they or aren’t they? Justin and Britney confirmed that they were dating at the VMA’s. How was I supposed to compete with the MMC first love rekindled in teen pop superstardom? The Anti-Britney era begins.

2000: No Strings Attached breaks all kinds of records, and I got to celebrate at TRL! Flirtation between commercial breaks ensue, as JT does the stare and subtle smile– at me. One of the happiest moments of my life.

2002: Justin goes solo, and is finally noted as the soulful crooner I always knew since ’92. He broke up with Brit Brit, so I finally come out of the haters club and openly listen to her music. And maybe do some of her dance moves also. And own the video game.

2006: Future Sex/Love Sounds is released. I talked to Justin at a signing, and I proudly told him that Time Magazine wrote a great review on the album. “You work at Time? Wow, that’s awesome.” And I walk away feeling like this love could really work.

2011: Now at 30, Justin is acting, The Social Network is critically acclaimed, and he’s a regular cut-up on SNL. The love is still strong. Yes he’s with Jessica Biel, but there’s no ring on it so the hope is alive.

Through the years.. What a great journey. Still heart JT.


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