Trent Reznor Earns Oscar Nom For “The Social Network” Original Score

When I watched The Social Network, I was completely fascinated with the score. I must have nudged my friends in the theater a million times, to tell them how awesome I thought it was. And the Academy agrees- Trent Reznor earned an Oscar nomination for The Social Network Original Score. The Nine Inch Nails frontman composed a dark and bleak backdrop for a winter semester on Harvard’s campus. Great acting, masterful shots, and the score collectively painted the scene of the world-changing innovation brewing on Harvard’s campus circa 2003. And Justin Timberlake’s appearance as the Napster founder was great as well, because hey, I love JT.

I enjoyed reliving my NYU days, and took pride in the fact that the man behind one of the most important social media vehicles of our time was clicking away in a dorm room while I was studying away in mine. As an (arguably) former nerd, it was funny watching the over-embellished party scenes and the sex, drugs, and rock & roll take on life as a scholar. If only it were that cool.

It was cool being one of the first universities invited to “The Facebook.” I would spend hours updating my clean yearbook-style profile, while others petitioned for their colleges to be added. Before parents and high school kids joined, the emerging site was tres chic.

Reznor already took home the Golden Globe. If that’s any indication, he’s the one most likely to take the Academy win.


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