Album Review: Ciara: “Basic Instinct”

You’ve been so good to me…

In a Beyonce and Rihanna world, times are tough for the R&B diva. Ciara has been able to successfully carve a spot for herself in the game with sexy moves and sultry coos. And yes, the occasional banned video. Yet she’s always in control of her sexuality, and has never once licked a doorknob (I’m looking at you, Keri Hilson). On her latest effort, Basic Instinct, Ciara continues to give female fans sexy empowering anthems, and guys a chance to keep on reliving that “Ride” video.

Basic Instinct has been circulating for quite some time now, due to the successful singles “Ride” and “Gimmie Dat.” And although the album has been pushed back a few times, there are still some new gems to discover. On radio airwaves saturated by The Dream sound, Ciara is one of the few artists who can steer the reins on his production and put her own stamp on it. Ciara remains in the driver’s seat on the sultry track “Speechless.” I’m usually very weary of The Dream sound as it sometimes samples Prince too closely, but Ciara creates a sexy mellow groove on “You Can Get It.”

Basic Instinct is definitely a lovers’ soundtrack, but it’s not all slow jams. Cici is seductive on “Heavy Rotation,” a track that’s as mellow as it’s uptempo. “Girls Get Your Money” is a great treadmill track to get us working on getting their own Ciara body. She carries the album on her own, with only two guest spots from her ATL family, Luda and Usher. The electropop “Turn It Up” with Usher has the dance dance revolution feel that’s all over radio. Ludacris joins her on her hit single where she proves that she can “Ride” (the beat of course) the best.The dancehall infused “Wants For Dinner” is the track that will have many women going, Get ‘em, Cici: “You can entertain him all day long, but I know what he wants for dinner…”

Cici fans are in for a treat with Basic Instinct.

And for the guys who haven’t read a word of this because they’ve got images of “Ride” dancing in their heads, here’s the video.

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