First Listen: Quincy Jones feat. John Legend: “Tomorrow”

All we need is belief
And a smile on our face…

Quincy Jones rounds up some of today’s all-stars to recreate classics on his latest album Q: Soul Bossa Nostra. John Legend, joined by a children’s choir, dusts off “Tomorrow.” Originally performed by Tevin Campbell in the 90s, the track is still is on the mark today, with a broken education system in need of caring faculty as much as dollars.

John Legend is a benefactor of Harlem Village Academies. He’s very involved with the progress of the middle schoolers, working with teachers and bringing the choir to perform in some of his NY shows. He even causes some to faint during his visits to the school, although the boys will never admit it.

Probably the most meaningful part of my week is the time I get to spend with these kids.

Dedications to my little ones:

M: I helped with reading, you taught me football.

N: “Hopped up out the bedddd, turn my swag on”…. You kept it interesting Miss Lady Girl. Lol

J: You’re a silent rock star. Breaking Dawn is coming out soon!!!! Team Edward all the way.

K: You are the most focused 6th grader, wise beyond your years. It’s been a privilege.

A: Little guy. You have come the farthest. I told you that you’d make it. You are the and don’t ever forget it.

Tevin Campbell: “Tomorrow”


One response to “First Listen: Quincy Jones feat. John Legend: “Tomorrow”

  1. Young Tev’s swag was retarded in that Tomorrow vid. Killing the high top too.

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