I’m not a poet, but this is inspired by last night’s events. This is dedicated to my whole family, the Hondurans, Bahamians, Puerto Ricans, and the Italians. Yes, this combination makes up my immediate family. This is dedicated to the babies with blonde afros on the subway. You’ll grow, be a novelty to some, and make others uncomfortable. Love yourself and shine through it. Your family does if no one else does… Love, J

Call me a Sp*c, and find a Spanish person in charge.
Call me a n-, but hip hop took that word back years ago.
I’m a light skinned girl with long hair
I don’t have that chip you expect me to have on my shoulder.

You use your words for hate
Cowardly under your breath
Not loud enough to out you as a racist
Of course you aren’t
You have one black friend

You use your words for hate
To feel good about yourself
Since the day you decided to let your bitterness control you
You spit slurs as you carry your unborn child
Hope he’s not permeated by your self-hatred
That spills from your tongue so freely

I felt the sting
As your words slapped me without my family hearing
An 80 year old woman from her hospital bed
And a woman old enough to be your own mother
But you stung all night
The driver who cut you off was Asian after all
And the Russian man who made your dinner couldn’t understand you
But I guess my brownness somehow made that OK
I guess you didn’t realize
That all hate stings me.

I stayed calm
Although seething inside
I refuse to respond to hate
With more of the same
See, love resides within my heart

As my grandmother left the room
I told you to refrain from that word when addressing my family
And maybe try to teach your child better
I hope when I told you my last name was Gomez
Just like you
It made you think

If I am one
Wonder what it makes you…


3 responses to “Words

  1. This was awesome J…. I sooo feel you on this one!

  2. Ms. J., Well said!
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T begins with yourself.

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