Film Short: Kanye West: “Runaway”

I won’t allow myself to turn to stone…- Kanye West

Pause Kanye West’s “Runaway” film at any moment, and capture a beautiful still of ballerinas, rebirth, and a cinematographic back drop of Prague. The Renaissance Man saves a delicate phoenix and revives her through nature and music. In the form of the exquisite Selita Ebanks, the phoenix fascinates Kanye, as he’s captured by the innocence of her first glimmers of the world around them.

If you read my blog regularly, then it comes as no surprise that I think Kanye is amazing, from his unabashed honesty to his musical genius. Unfortunately it’s become human nature for differences to be discouraged. When someone wants to fly, their wings get clipped by cynicism. But it’s the work of the dreamers that we remember, whille the cynics become faceless as they start to fade.

The 37 minute film, directed by Kanye and produced by Hype Williams, is narrated by the always-animated Nicki Minaj, and the soundtrack features Rihanna, Bon Iver, and Kid Cudi.

Though the clip may puzzle some viewers, here’s a takeaway: Differences should be nurtured and set free.


One response to “Film Short: Kanye West: “Runaway”

  1. after finally getting a video that allowed playback on this continent…I fully agree…great post

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