Kanye’s GOOD Fridays Make Sweeter Mondays

Dark Knight feeling, diary of Hero…

Good Mondays are usually fueled by really good Fridays. And it’s Kanye’s mission to trump Twitter #musicmondays with audio treats fresh from the lab on Fridays. So far he’s dropped the “Power” remix and made us Nicki Minaj believers on “Monster.” Last Friday, he dropped the Swizz Beatz- produced “So Appalled,” featuring Jay-Z, Pusha T, Cyhi the Prynce, and the RZA. The track has that authentic Killer Bee sound that’s been sadly missing lately.

Speaking of the Wu, Raekwon joins Justin Bieber on Kanye’s remix of the Bieb’s “Runaway Love.” Yes, you totally read that correctly. The track is irresistibly sweet, and blends well with Kanye’s Good Friday tracks.

Make a playlist, and enjoy your week.

One response to “Kanye’s GOOD Fridays Make Sweeter Mondays

  1. Thank you.

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