Open Letter to Jay-Z: Home And Home Tour

See Biggie. See Pac. See success and its outcome.

Mr. Carter:

I’m writing with no expectation of you ever reading this. As an aspiring journalist, I hope one day I’ll be able to sit down with you. But for now, I wanted to time capsule the electricity I’m still feeling from the Home and Home tour at Yankee Stadium Monday night.

Two of the greatest loves of my life are Yankee Stadium and hip hop. To witness the biggest hip hop show the city has ever seen in my lifetime, was an honor.

You’ve brought hip hop to such a legendary dimension. To bring Dre on stage at Yankee Stadium on the anniversary of Tupac’s death shows just how far the music has come. At 15 years old, I remember listening to Hot 97 when Biggie died. And now I watched him ignite Yankee Stadium on the jumbotron. That’s probably something he couldn’t have imagined. Maybe you couldn’t even imagine state dinners with the president that have become routine in your life. You have taken their legacies and let them soar to new heights. You’ve taken hip hop to an extraordinary place with their memories on your shoulders. For that, I will always appreciate you.

Last week, another native New Yorker got had his moment on the Yankee jumbotrons. My Dad was named Employee of the Month and he’s still beaming. I know selling out Yankee Stadium twice is undoubtedly a more massive feat, but the pride in your eyes was just the same.

Thank you for giving the days around 9/11 a new meaning. You helped ease the sting of cloudless September skies. And although we’ll always remember the lives we lost, I’ll always remember the power I felt at Yankee Stadium on September 13, 2010.

I’ll never forget the pride on your face as the hometown kid done real well.

Thank you,



3 responses to “Open Letter to Jay-Z: Home And Home Tour

  1. sweeeeeeeeeet!

  2. Hey Jada, nice blog. Go, go, go! –Pat

  3. the BEST concert in the BEST place with the BESTEST =D ❤

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