Lady J Meets Lady G

I used to walk these concrete streets in my white panties and my little white boots. And when guys used to whistle at me I would tell them to f*ck off!!!!!!!

Last night Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball stormed through MSG. Very few could whip a crowd into a frenzy by simply standing in silence. That kind of adoration is reserved for icons. Lady Gaga sang, danced, played instruments, as she played Dorothy in her own sexy twisted version of the Wizard of Oz. She played jazz on piano with her butt while strumming a guitar. Most of all, she created a place where all her fans to be themselves completely and entirely. And with every fist pump, innovative outfit, and screams, each little monster got to let go for just a little while.

She warmed the crowd up with album favorites like “Paper Gangsta” and “Boys, Boys, Boys.” She brought the crowd in with her ballad “Speechless” and even debuted a new song, “You And I” that showcased her voice brilliantly. Of course, things got a little bloody when she ripped out her heart. The crowd went into a frenzy as she smashed us with hit after hit.

Gaga is on her way to becoming a master class icon. So much more than the next Madonna, the name Gaga will carve its own place in pop history.


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