I Survived Drizzy Woodstock 2010

What am I doing, what am I doing…

I survived Drizzy Woodstock 2010. Here’s my story.

During my *NSYNC days, I would have settled for nothing other than a front row spot that I would have camped out for hours just to see my love Justin Timberlake, synchronized dance moves and five part harmonies. But that was ten years ago. Maturity, caution, and fatigue keep me from acting as impulsively. And that probably saved me from getting a chair to the head.

When my friend and I got word of the free Drake concert at South Street Seaport yesterday, our curiosity lead us downtown. Despite the tweets, Google hits, and announcement on Hot 97, we had to scope out the scene for ourselves. When we got off the train at Fulton St., there were large groups of fans milling about, trying to meet up with friends. The crowd only got larger as we neared Pier 17. We attempted to forge through the crowd to get to Pizzeria Uno, but when the crowd forged ahead and we had no view of the ground ahead of us, we vacated immediately. The mall had the most traffic it’s probably ever had, as people searched for restaurant balconies to watch the concert.

We decided to eat at a restaurant toward the back of the seaport, where we could at least hear the show and be away from the madness. We heard chants, “We want Drake!” and then saw his tweets that the NYPD wouldn’t let him perform. The news spread like wildfire in the crowd below. People bumrushed the stage, so we decided to stay by the pier. Instead of making our way back to the subway, we boarded the last Water Taxi to Brooklyn, as the boat’s only passengers. As the boat left the dock, a fight broke out behind us.

Thanks to age, good friends, and God’s grace, we made it home safely. I wouldn’t want to be in an adventure with anyone other than the great Pat D., whose levelheadedness and humor made this memorable and most importantly, safe.

One last disclaimer: This is not another result of a violent hip hop show. Drake is as much a gangster rapper as I am. Probably less. The crowd was a mix of all ages and nationalities. A lack of security and poor event planning were responsible for the chaos.

I’ll resume buying tickets from Ticketmaster, and save the free shows for Anita Baker.


3 responses to “I Survived Drizzy Woodstock 2010

  1. Instincts are soo underrated$

  2. Crazy! Glad to hear you guys made it out alive. Event organizers should really take care to prepare just a little better for a free concert..

  3. I saw him last month at a ticketed event and it was nothing like this!

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