T.I. Feat Timbaland: “Here We Go Again”

I’m way hotter than you…

Dressed in a black pencil skirt and crisp blouse, hair pulled up in a bun, I guess I look like the most unlikely hip hop enthusiast. Every morning on the subway platform. there’s usually aggressive lyrics, heavy beats, and all around uncensored hip hop goodness serenading me on my commute to work. If it’s not hip hop, then it’s the wailing guitar of a rock band, but that’s another post entirely.

Needless to say, people usually do a doubletake when they catch the aggression blasting from my pink ear buds.

This week I am all about the hip hop. In last week’s flood of rap albums that hit the interwebs, T.I. added his mixtape to the storm. “F*ck A Mixtape,” presented by DJ Drama and DJ MLK, marks T.I.’s first full body of work since his return. The standout track is the Timbaland produced “Here We Go Again.” In four minutes we get everything we’ve missed from T.I. and the classic Timbo sound that emerges when he has chemistry with an artist.

Welcome back, Tip. Free Weezy. I’d put that on a t-shirt, but I question its appropriateness for work attire.


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