Kanye West feat. Dwele: “Power”

I just needed time alone with my own thoughts.
Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault…

Last week a ton of music leaked on the web, but they were all opening acts for new Kanye. His unfinished unmastered new single “Power” dominated radio airwaves Memorial Day weekend. Kanye has been relatively quiet (for Kanye) since the VMA foot in mouth incident, but as “Power” indicates, he’s come out swinging.

The stellar track features a hook from Dwele, booming drums, wailing guitars, and tons of Kanye bravado. If you have a pulse, it’s pretty impossible not to enjoy something in this song. He proves the best way to maintain the top spot is to be excellent at it.

Taking Taylor Swift’s moment was like punching a girl, and last September it seemed like he went beyond the point of no return. But mainstream memory is fleeting, and “Power” is the welcome antidote he needed to get heads nodding, speakers bumping and people dancing. The beauty of it all, is that Kanye knew this all along.

Simply stated, this track knocks. Hard.


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