Black or White: Kids on Race: CNN Special Report

Mirroring the unfinished work of adults.

Which of these is the smart child? Which is the ugly child? Which of these is the color that adults like? These are the questions asked of four to ten year olds in a pilot study to observe their views on race, sixty years after the doll study that helped reverse Brown v. Board of Education, ending segregation in schools.

Anderson Cooper and Soledad O’ Brien’s special report “Black and White Kids On Race In America” airs tonight at 10pm. It is the first night of a weeklong series on the state of children on race, and what we can do to alter mixed messages.

The children who participated in the study attended diverse schools. Despite integrated schools, 77% of white five year olds pointed to the darkest child as the dumbest child. Black children still lean toward a white bias, but at a much lower percentage than the initial study of the 1940s. Mixed children do well in diverse settings, but often feel rejected when they’re in mostly black or mostly white settings . Children have open minded views when their parents speak to them openly about race when they are very young.

For more on the study, tune in to CNN tonight at 10pm.

One response to “Black or White: Kids on Race: CNN Special Report

  1. I am bi-racial (french citizen with haitian origins as well) and this study does not even shock me.
    I could bet money, that if the same study was done in France, the results would be very different.

    I grew up in both nations and traveled between both continents back and forth since 1986. I am now 32, graduated from a 4 year HBCU college in 03, recently earned a MBA from Webster University, and all I can remember is that when I went to high school, an English teacher told me that it was unfortunately an advantage to be white in America… Never, have I heard anything like that in my native country France, nor have I ever believed this teacher. Things are slowly changing here but, so much still needs to be done!

    Kids should not be manipulated by their parents and told that some individuals are better than others due to the fact that their pigmentation is darker than others… It is really sad to see that people from this nation cannot see further than black or white! What about MLK’s legacy? What about his words and all the messages he shared? What about looking further than people’s skin colors? What about the character of the people of this great nation?

    I am so glad I grew up in France at times because I never experienced true psychological racism until I moved and joined Milton High School in MA. Coming here has been an eye opener on so many levels. Things are changing thank god.. After all, the first bi-racial president was recently elected! It is such a great step of progress. It keeps hope alive!

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