Album Review: Ludacris: Battle Of The Sexes

It’s the battle of the sexes…

Ludacris’ latest album Battle of the Sexes, is more about sex than the battle of. Any review would state the obvious: Battle Of The Sexes is another consistent album from the hysterically clever ATL-ien. Here are some “Luda Laudables,” the top lines that made me say, “Oh snap!”

I be like Knick, Knack paddy wack, oh where my kitty cat, give a dog a bone…- How Low

I fill her up… Balloons!- My Chick Bad

Stick to ya like super glue, maybe even like bubble gum… I Do It All Night

Right hand, left hand in the bed like we playing Twister..- Sex Room

You need some room to breathe, and I can be your ventilation…- I Know You Got A Man

I put my fist up, I got the power, girl…- Hey Ho

I keep the hood with me like Obi Wan Kenobi…- Party No Mo

So don’t be all up in my phone replying to women’s pages. I thought your mama told you, You should never talk to strangers!- B.O.T.S.

You’re my destiny. Even at my worst you’re still bringing out the best of me.- Can’t Live Without You

Sweat you out til you thirsty…- Feelin So Sexy

I ain’t gonna tell nobody, baby, I’m an only child…- Tell Me A Secret

Haha, OMG, LOL, KIT, smiley faces, X and Os, LMFAO!- Sexting


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