American Idol 12: Ones To Watch

You may be the one to beat…

The Top 12 takes the stage on American Idol tonight. The show seems to have lost its luster without Paula, and Simon seems to be counting the seconds until he’s out of there. Although there isn’t a breakout star just yet, there are always some diamonds in the rough that are shining through.

Here are the top 3 to watch:

Crystal Bowersox
This young mom was almost out of the competition due to illness, but she is still consistent every week. Like Ellen says, it’s easy to forget we’re watching a singing competition when she performs. She is leaps and bounds ahead of the other contestants.

Michael Lynche
We were there with him as he welcomed his daughter into the world from the Hollywood auditions. So Michael Lynche already has the audience connection. When you combine his charisma with vocal ability, he may be the season’s breakout star.

Lee Dewyze
I love this guy because his name makes me think of Dwayne Wayne, D-Nice, D-Wise and all those nicknames. He has the sexy grovel, the Kings Of a Leon sound that is radio friendly. And anyone who can sing “Lips Of An Angel” is alright in my book.


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