Kid Cudi: Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

We gettin money, Mom…

He may be a star of the new HBO show How To Make It In America, but Kid Cudi seems to be making it quite alright. Even though it’s been out for awhile now, his debut album Man On The Moon is still in heavy rotation in my music que.

And “My World” still rules my Top 25 Most Played. He creates a fantasy world to help him navigate his real one. I love that he takes listeners to vulnerable places. Man On The Moon is a pure concept album from beginning to end, a kind of hip hop escapism. The album cover nods to Stevie Wonder’s Music Of My Mind. Common serves as the narrator to the journey Kid Cudi’s mind takes him, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes nightmarish. Most of us can relate.

When you put on a Kid Cudi album, you’re about to go on an acid trip of a journey.

For all the left of center people, I salute you.

Reminds me of Kanye’s “Spaceship.”


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