Album Review: Daniel Merriweather- “Love & War”

Life is like an old cassette, that you can’t rewind…

I had another one of those “I love my job” moments when Daniel Merriweather came in to perform a few months ago. We got to talk about the release of his debut album, Love & War, in the U.S. He is most recognized on the Mark Ronson hit, Stop Me. Since Ronson produced his album, Merriweather said he was going to teach the DJ how to sing as a fair trade.

In an unending list of crooners, Daniel Merriweather has a soulful scruffiness that makes his sound very distinct. He has a raw quality that transports you to a smoky low lit hole in the wall bar. Creating that sound in the studio is never easy, but Merriweather and his backing band, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, succeed masterfully.

Merriweather has worked with a string of emerging artists, and they’ve all returned the favor with solid tracks on Love & War. Adele joins him on the haunting “Water and A Flame,” and his debut single “Change” got a boost from Wale. But he soars on his own, on the chill inducing “Red” and “Impossible.” On the guys’ guy’s love song “Cigarettes,” he laments on a lost love. Influences from Jeff Buckley to Stevie Wonder to a Tribe Called Quest, are all threaded through the album. Merriweather knows that the best music is created when genre lines are blurred.

Expect more from this unboxable dynamic artist.


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