The J List: The Teen Hearthrob Edition

The Daddy Mack’ll make ya…

Yup, that’s me. I was about 8 years old, and I had my very own New Kids On The Block birthday party. Check out the table cloths. I had a huge poster on my wall, and a neon shirt with their names on it. I had the lunchboxes, the dolls, trading cards, and books. I screamed in delight and jumped up and down when they were in concert, and never missed their cartoon on Saturday mornings. I was a Bop and Tiger Beat reading, poster clipping, collage making mini teenybopper.

New Kids On The Block is coming into the office today, and the 8 year old girl in me is squealing. My mom even dug out my New Kids On The Block cassette tape. If I get it autographed, I will have done right by my inner child.

This week’s J List is dedicated to the teen hearthrobs. The days of JTT, *NSYNC, and every crushy blushy moment in between. And of course, I’ve added a few men that make us swoon today.

Put on your slap wrists and break out into the running man like no one’s watching.

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