Jay-Z and U2 Team Up For Haiti

One love. One life. When it’s one need in the night…

Two of the world’s biggest forces in music and global humanitarians are joining forces to help Haiti. Jay-Z and U2 are collaborating on a benefit song to provide earthquake relief. Swizz Beatz produced the song. According to Billboard, Edge of U2 confirmed the report: “Last night, we wrote a song… Bono got a call from a producer, Swizz. He and Jay-Z wanted to do something for Haiti. So Bono came up with the phrase on the phone, and last night we were here. We wrote a song– finished, recorded, and sent it back to them. So that might be the next thing you hear from us!”

U2’s 2001 album, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, helped uplift New York after 9/11, and Jay-Z has turned “Empire State of Mind” into an anthem. The collaboration between these titans should be a blockbuster in raising money for relief efforts in Haiti.

Music is power. We’ve got to carry each other.


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