Decade In Review: Meet iPod

So if you want to sing out…

I like my iPod more than I like most people. Over the past ten years, it has been my trusty sidekick. It’s rare that you spot me without a white earbud in my ear. I may forget my keys in the morning, but I’ll never leave home without cueing a playlist. It’s a hodgepodge of everything from John Coltrane to Britney Spears (don’t judge me). If you ever want to know what’s going on in my life, my “Recently Played” list is a great indication.

The iPod is one of the first ways we began to personalize and customize our musical interests in a concise way. One product has changed music consumption as we know it, as we shifted from buying CD’s and carrying hefty discman’s around. No more CD wallets or being limited to one 15 track album. We can pick and choose the songs we want to buy on iTunes. And a scrappy generation discovered downloading sites like Napster and its many successors, getting faster and cheaper (read free) music, beating the record industry and making the idea of a release date irrelevant. An iPod is instantly recognizeable, and techies spend time sketching the next make before Apple announces a new model. They introduced new vocabulary: Apps, syncs, iTunes. You can now access everything and download anything.

We met iPod as a slim white music player with a click wheel. It’s now evolved into a slimmer, narrower sexier device that stores everything from movies to alerts to pick up your dry cleaning. As if it couldn’t get better, the geniuses at Apple introduced the love of my life, the iPhone, an even sleeker, even narrower, even sexier slice of bliss that combines all facets of media.

In the next decade, the iPod may go the way of records, cassette tapes, VHS, and CD’s and the iPhone may go the way of the Zack Morris phone, but it’s exciting to see what will come next. It will have to be something that can top being able to hold over 30,000 songs, play video, take pictures, and be accessible to Facebook and Twitter. That’s a huge order, which leads me to believe that the iPod and Apple will continue to sit comfortably as the leader of innovative technology.

Decade of Songs From iPod Commercials
2003- Rockstar- N.E.R.D.
2003- Are You Gonna Be My Girl?- Jet
2004- Vertigo- U2
2005- Technologic- Daft Punk
2005- Feel Good Inc.- Gorillaz
2005- Lose Yourself- Eminem
2006- Love Train- Wolfmother
2007- Flathead- The Fratellis
2007- 1234- Feist
2008- What I’m Looking For- Brendan Benson
2008- Shut Up And Let Me Go- The Ting Tings
2009- No You Girls- Franz Ferdinand
2009- If I Had Eyes- Jack Johnson


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