Jay-Z Feat. Mr. Hudson: “Young Forever” Video

Just a picture perfect day to last a whole lifetime…

Whenever I hear this song, I can’t help but think of the final scene in Napoleon Dynamite, when he swings a ball around tied to a string with his new girlfriend. Although not the smoothest way to win a woman, its simplicity left a lasting association with the original Alphaville “Forever Young” song.

Jay-Z continues that carefree vibe with the “Young Forever” clip, featuring Mr. Hudson. While the world seems to continually change and we grow, youth is constant. There will always be little girls playing on swings, hairbows blowing in the wind. There will always be little boys playing basketball, trying to fit in with the big guys. Young love will always blossom. Fom the inner city to the country, the circumstances and stories may change, but the common thread of youth will always make you smile.

For me, youth is singing Mary J. Blige songs on the bus to summer camp, Incarnation, and The Little Mermaid. For my dad and uncles, it includes Yankee Stadium and feeding their dogs TV dinners when their parents went away. For my little cousins, it’s playing out in the snow and Rock Band competitions.

In reality, we’ll always be that wide-eyed ten year old in our minds…


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