Christmas At The White House

It’s very rare to see Oprah in awe of someone, but the light in her eyes when she looks at the President conveys that he might be the winner of that honor.

The Obama family opened America’s House for an exclusive Oprah interview, Christmas In The Whitehouse. Oprah and President Obama addressed the pressing issues that our nation faces despite the bright lights of the holiday season. It’s a reality that more troops are being sent to Afghanistan and that many Americans are jobless due the economic downturn. The President gave himself a B+, solid in the progress he has made, and humble enough to know that there’s more work to be done. When asked if he yells, he said he speaks crisply. He says he’s surprised it took this long for his approval ratings to drop, due to the economy.

First Lady Michelle Obama, accompanied by the adorable family dog Bo, gave Oprah a tour of the White House. There are many traditions, including a gigantic Christmas tree with ornaments decorated by volunteers and children across the country who were able to visit the White House during the holiday season.

Barack focused on the issues in his portions of the interview, but he was all smiles when joined by Michelle. The couple have such a fun chemistry that’s delightful to witness. They said they remember their journey through marriage and to the White House. The two joked about who gives better presents. Michelle quipped, “He still checks me out.” I love it. They miss their anonymity, and Michelle misses bike rides and going to the Gap.

The White House is one of the most historic magical homes in the world. I feel like the season has really started for me.

Three inspirations on one night.


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