Glee, I’m Gonna Miss Ya…

Imagine all the people, living for today…

The first season of Glee ends tonight. Say it ain’t so! I’m going through withdrawals already. Glee is without a doubt my favorite hour of television. It’s like someone at FOX went into my head and crafted my perfect show. Glee is for the musicals fan, but these aren’t your grandma’s showtunes. This season featured songs from pop stars ranging from Sting to Kanye West, and great mashups, like Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” and Usher’s “Confessions Pt. 2”

In high school, I was as far from the popular crowd as you could be. I ate lunch in the nurse’s office before I met my group of friends. I was really shy, skinny, and embarrassed by both traits, so much that I would have been more than happy to blend into the walls. And in a way, I kind of did, since most people don’t remember me being a student in my freshman year.

This is why Glee resonates with me. It spotlights the kids who don’t quite fit in, the ones most people forget at the reunion. The Glee club members include a pregnant cheerleader, a disabled kid, an overweight black girl, and an intense overachiever. Glee explores serious themes like teen pregnancy and disabilities in such ingenius ways. The teen dad-to-be sings “I’ll Stand By You” to a picture of an ultrasound on his laptop. There are hilarious moments, when a Glee member sings “Bust Your Windows” at a charity car wash before she realizes that her crush is gay.

The most memorable moment for me was the “Imagine” performance, when the Glee club joined forces with a deaf choir. Whether comedic or heartfelt, the lyrics are used to tell a story.

Glee brings music to life. Sometimes for a laugh or a cry, always for a a smile. It is indeed the happiest hour on television.

Hurry back to me soon, Glee.


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