Rihanna on SNL

Oh boy, shoulda just paid Kanye…

Rihanna performed on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively hosted the show. Rihanna has been the quintessential tough girl lately, but she let loose in a Digital short with Andy Samberg. She attempted to perform an afterschool song with rapper Shy Ronnie (Andy Samberg). But Shy Ronnie lived up to his name and couldn’t get the words out to his verses, just the Jadakiss laugh. Rihanna tried to encourage him by singing, “Speak up,” “Shy Ronnie,” and finally, “This beat costs a lot of money.”

Once Shy Ronnie has an accident, Rihanna walks off. When she leaves, he busts into his verses a la “Throw It On The Ground.”

Rihanna returned to perform “Russian Roulette,” and Young Jeezy rocked with her on “Hard.”

The Rated R era is Rihanna’s most interesting yet.


One response to “Rihanna on SNL

  1. hahahah SNL never disappoints

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