American Music Awards- Jay-Z and Alicia Keys: “Empire State of Mind”

The American Music Awards were last night, and there were no outrageous stage crashing. It was low on awards but the three hour show was heavy on performances. Kanye was not invited, so Taylor Swift was able to get another awkward award acceptance. Kelly Clarkson reminded us why she is the first American Idol, and Eminem spit the best verse of 2009 in his performance with 50 Cent. Lady Gaga played with glass. The showstopping moment belonged to Whitney Houston, as she gave a stirring comeback performance. We’re glad The Voice is back.

Of course, my favorite performance of the night came from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Behind an elegant backdrop of the New York skyline, Alicia opened with a mellow nightclub rendition of “New York, New York,” with Jay-Z standing next to the piano like Frank Sinatra. “Empire State of Mind” had everyone from Perez Hilton to Whitney Houston rocking out.

Alicia Keys returned to perform “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart,” combining dance moves and a piano solo.

Jay and Alicia, you do New York proud.


2 responses to “American Music Awards- Jay-Z and Alicia Keys: “Empire State of Mind”

  1. It was definitely a dope performance….especially when Alicia kicked it off with the Frank Sinatra…I gotta say though I was looking for lil mama…lol

  2. Haha, I think everyone waslooking for Lil mama! hahah

    Loved the performance. My mom is a fan of the song now too.

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