Janet Jackson’s ABC Interview

Last night in an ABC exclusive interview, Janet Jackson admitted that she didn’t like her smile. Is that even possible? It blew me away. Her smile and laugh are iconic. It’s the smile that launched an epic career, from Good Times to Discipline, and every groundbreaking step in between. I thought that when I grew up, love would be like the Janet album. The verdict is still out on that one. Janet was that big sister figure for girls. I can count the number of talent show dance routines to Miss You Much, If, and the infamous Rhythm Nation.

Without her and Michael, the arc of the music video would be vastly different. They are the innovative force behind the MTV generation. Without them there would be no Beyonce’s and Justin Timberlake’s, no Usher’s or Britney’s. It’s hard to imagine that a star of that magnitude would not like her smile.

It’s true, everyone does really have their something, even icons. Her honesty last night really touched me. As someone who has loved Janet even before I could walk, she inspired me yet again to embrace perfect imperfection.

And that life gets better in your 40s. Rock on, Miss Jackson.


One response to “Janet Jackson’s ABC Interview

  1. My family and I watched it. What a great interview. She was the first female super star I ever saw in concert. She came to AC in ’02 and my sister and I put on our Janet JAckson t-shirts and had a blast.

    I read in Vanity Fair a couple months ago that she didn’t like her smile. CRAZY!! That smile has moved mountains of hearts. She special. And because she was so close to MJ, I love her even MORE. I just wish the interventions she tried to do with him worked out… I hate that he’s gone. She said “One day, I feel like I’m going to get a call and I’ll pick up and hear “Dunk…. it’s me.”

    God Bless The Jacksons.

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