Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga: “Telephone”& “Video Phone” remix

Press record if you feel me…

Lady Gaga is a genius. What better way to collaborate with Beyonce than sit behind her at the VMAs with a Christmas wreath on your head? Such smart marketing and self-promotion hasn’t been seen since Madonna’s heyday.

Beyonce and Lady G filmed the video in Brooklyn, and it should drop any minute. It’s going to be one for the record books.

Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga: “Video Phone” remix:

Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce: “Telephone”:


One response to “Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga: “Telephone”& “Video Phone” remix

  1. I’m hooked..the more I hear this song..the easier it is for me to overlook the dumb lyrics and just rock with it. lol I think this is a great collabo.

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