Yankee Fandemonium


The confetti has been swept up, and Battery Park resembles any normal Wednesday morning. And for those who don’t normally follow baseball, the excitement has waned. But for the diehard fans, we’re taken right back to the moment the Yankees clinched their 27th World Series every time we hear “Empire State of Mind,” or even see a Yankees cap.

My fellow compadre and BarFryGuy was in the Bronx when the Yankees won. He captured the scene outside Stan’s Sports Bar, as fans crowd the streets and start an impromptu parade right outside Yankee Stadium. The energy was electric, quite similar to another joyful Nov. 4 just one year ago, when Obama became the 44th President of the United States.

Happiness is such a pleasantly infectious emotion.


One response to “Yankee Fandemonium

  1. Thanks for the post J! This is the best night of my life and I was out on 125th on Nov 4th 2008. Both amazing once in a life time, tell your grandkids experiences

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