Robert Pattinson in December’s “Vanity Fair”


So the lion fell in love with the lamb…

Rob Pattinson, you hot tamale, you.

New Moon opens next week, and the media blitz is in full swing. Robert Pattinson graces the cover of December’s Vanity Fair, in all his smoldering glory. And although Pattinson is one sexy man, it’s his undead alter ego, Edward Cullen, who really owns hearts of Twilighters and their mamas around the world. I can not wait to see my favorite vampire on the silver screen yet again.

For those unfamiliar with the Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen is the epitome of perfection. He’s strong, loyal, sweet and a tortured soul who just wants to be good. He listens to classical music and loves to slow dance. If you get into trouble, he’ll rescue you in a high powered Mercedes. All qualities that make you overlook the whole undead thing. Besides, he’s a sort of “vegetarian” vampire, and does not prey on humans. Problem solved.

In the interview, Pattinson insists that he’s just a regular guy, and plays coy about his relationship with Kristen Stewart. Stewart’s character, Bella Swan, is completely fascinated with Edward, and their intense chemistry would naturally lead to an off screen romance.

I even moved my picture of Justin Timberlake to make room for Pattinson at work. And to anyone who knows me, this is major.

New Moon hits theaters on Nov. 20. Let the swooning begin.


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