Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

Gaga, ooh la la…

We may have celebrated Halloween a couple of weeks ago, but for Lady Gaga, every night is Fright Night. She tends to endure some kind of masochism in her videos, and “Bad Romance” is no different. She’s being drowned in some kind of bathtub and force fed a martini, all while performing a cabaret act (or striptease?) for a group of men. And if we didn’t learn anything from the VMA’s, Ms. Gaga’s fashion is her own brand of eerie chic. She saunters in a polar bear-skinned cape (head attached), her hair’s cotton candy pink, and she’s donning some freakishly odd baby doll contacts. She takes the Madonna cone bra to new heights by turning it into two blowtorches to roast her lover.

Creepy yet stylish. Gruesome yet glitsy. The Gaga train is showing no signs of slowing down.

Lady Gaga: “Bad Romance” video:


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