Mary J. Blige feat. Timbaland- “SkyCap”

I’m flying…

Like many an 80s baby, I heart the 90s. I catch myself saying, “That’s my jam,” when I hear SWV on the radio. I miss the days when Hot 97’s playlist included Blackstreet, Jodeci, and Miseducation-era Lauryn Hill. And while it seems like the glory days are gone, two 90s titans and innovators have joined forces on a new track. Mary J. Blige stirs emotions every time she graces a microphone, like last night’s soul stirring performance at the World Series. But when combined with Timbaland’s futuristic beats, she makes inspiration that can move a club. “Skycap” finds them both in their element, proving that there’s no timestamp on good music. Sounds like a track Aaliyah would have collaborated on for a hot remix.

This must show up on one of their new albums.

Some positive vibes for your Thursday.

Go Yankees!


One response to “Mary J. Blige feat. Timbaland- “SkyCap”

  1. one of my favorite new songs!

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