Meet Jesse Boykins III: “Shine”

Jesse B

I had the chance to meet Jesse Boykins III and his band in the studio, as they were putting the finishing touches on his latest album, The Beauty Created. I was hooked on “Shine” from the first moment I heard it. I tried hard to get Jesse to let me download a copy before the album was completed, but the finished song was completely worth the wait. “Shine” is a slice of positive vibes with island-infused new school soul and throwback 80s r&b.

The video features Jesse on a midsummer day in New York City. He showcases everyday New Yorkers in the clip, from street vendors to girls playing double dutch, and gives everyone their moment to shine in the spotlight.

The sky’s the limit for Jesse Boykins III as he has performed with numerous soul artists including Bilal, and has gained a loyal fan base nationally. The Beauty Created LP and Dopamine: My Life On My Back EP are both available on iTunes.

Jesse Boykins’ music is like a nice warm bubble bath, a moment to breathe and enjoy the beauty of love, life, and the beauty within.


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