Robin Thicke Does Double Duty

Robin Thicke

I didn’t think Rick Ross and Leighton Meester had much in common until this week. Gossip Girl’s Queen B and the biggest boss (ahem, corrections officer) both have new singles featuring Robin Thicke.

One part of my holy trinity of soul (with Maxwell and John Legend), Robin Thicke brings his sensuality to Leighton Meester’s “Somebody to Love.” The Diana Ross “Love Hangover” sample gives the track a retro feel, yet the modern production keeps it fresh and downtown chic. Robin’s voice and Leighton’s sultry coos are a great blend of playful and vampy. It’s a perfect track for getting ready for a night out.

Rick Ross’ “Lay Back” is quickly moving up my Top 25 Played list. Usually, not a lot of productivity comes from the time I spend watching MTV Jams, but occasionally I stumble upon a gem. Robin joins Rick Ross in a video on a Miami Beach, surrounded by women and bottle popping, of course. Not the way you usually picture Robin, but that voice melts like butter, and you can’t help but bounce a bit.

His own single, “Sex Therapy,” is scorching airwaves, and his new album drops on December 8.

Paula Patton, you are a lucky woman.

Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke: “Somebody to Love”:

Rick Ross feat. Robin Thicke: “Lay Back”:″

Robin Thicke: “Sex Therapy”:


One response to “Robin Thicke Does Double Duty

  1. Paula is DEFINITELY a lucky woman. I love his new single “Sex Therapy”.

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