Rihanna Debuts New Single: “Russian Roulette”


Take a gun and count to three…

Barbed wire and gunshots? Rihanna’s Barbasian princess days are clearly over. Her new single, “Russian Roulette” debuted online today. Clad in strategically placed barbed wire on the album cover, Rihanna is amping the shock value to eerie heights, surpassing the Grace Jones-esque style on Good Girl Gone Bad.

Perhaps even more disturbing than her new gear (or lack thereof) are the disturbing lyrics. Penned by Ne-Yo, “Russian Roulette” feels like a suicide note set to music: “So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye/ It’s too late too pick up the value of my life.”

The big sister in me wants to tell Ri-Ri to find her clothes and barbed wire is not a toy. You’re playing a dangerous game. Somehow the title “Russian Roulette” sounds eerily apropos.

Her fourth album, Rated R, drops November 23.

Disturbia, indeed.

Rihanna: “Russian Roulette”:


2 responses to “Rihanna Debuts New Single: “Russian Roulette”

  1. she’s a psychopath! i can see some tween down his/her luck listening to this now..alone in a room and feeling sorry for themselves…smh i hope she explains what this song means. if she even knows.

  2. This is the disturbed RiRi. I like how she sounds on the track, but it’s so damn depressing. Gun shot at the end and all. Well, if Lady Gaga can perform in fake blood at the VMA’s, I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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