This Is It

This Is It

This is it. Here I stand. I’m the light of the world, I feel grand.

Michael Jackson’s sweet swan song “This Is It” premiered online at midnight on Monday. With backup vocals from his brothers, it feels like he has come full circle. “This Is It” is a previously unreleased track from “Dangerous,” released in 1991. In light of his untimely passing, it’s a welcome new track for fans to treasure.

As a big fan of the softer side of Michael’s sound, I am so happy for another lullaby. Michael brought wonder and a touch of magic to love songs that has never been duplicated. “Human Nature,” my favorite MJ track, takes me to a place where I can dream that anything is possible.

“This Is It” is a sweet soft curtain close on Michael’s illustrious career. The movie premieres worldwide in theaters on October 27, and the album will be in stores on November 10.

I never thought we’d be saying goodbye to Michael Jackson this soon. But what a collection and a legacy he has left behind. For that reason I’m sure this is not the final call, just the prelude to an encore. We haven’t heard the last of Michael.

Michael Jackson- This Is it

Michael Jackson- For All Time

The Jackson 5- Let Me Show You The Way To Go


2 responses to “This Is It

  1. R.I.P Michael Jackson, the greatest Pop artist that ever lived!!!

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