Alicia Keys- Doesn’t Mean Anything


All at once, seems I had it all…

It’s always a great day when Alicia Keys releases new music. Her new single “Doesn’t Mean Anything” picks up where her last album, “As I Am,” left off musically. Lately Alicia has been channeling more of an alternative sound. Along with her ability to write meaningful lyrics, she is solidifying her place among music’s greatest female songwriters, like Carole King and Carly Simon. Alicia remains interesting because she continues to be different, and she proves that less is more. The simple drum beat makes the melody hypnotic yet striking, soothing yet powerful. With her feature on Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” I’m counting down the days until her new album hits stores in November.

When I write, I think of myself as striking the keys of a piano rather than a laptop. It’s my little way of keeping myself inspired. So I find a lot of inspiration in Alicia Keys’ music, and I love the lyrics that she uses to convey emotions. “Doesn’t Mean Anything,” is a reflective mantra that reminds us to cherish the goodness that we have.

Here’s a slice of good vibes to go with your morning coffee.


One response to “Alicia Keys- Doesn’t Mean Anything

  1. All through her career, Alicia’s been doing something very few people do. She’s been being dangerously candid about her greatest emotional vulnerabilities and turning them into strengths through her music.

    She started off but confessing how crippling falling in love was(Fallin, How come you don’t call me), and how fearful she was of being victimized because of her gender(Woman’s worth, Girlfriend, etc) and graduated into her fear of being misunderstood or neglected(If i aint got you, Diary)…. Same analysis can be done for all her songs and albums.

    The changes she goes through are even seen in her presentation. She used to be famous for the big hats that covered half her face and her very elegantly conservative fashion and absence in the media. But with time she’s shed the hats, the gimmicks, and every now and again, will wear something stunningly sexy. Not to appeal, but because she wants to. She’s now more involved with charities, and causes she supports and is really seeming to be wielding her sword more masterfully. With each album, she gets more and more liberated. Whatever is on her mind/heart, is in her music, being channeled out passionately. And that’s why it’s so raw…It’s always real.

    She’s discovering herself along with her audience and I eagerly look forward to seeing what she puts out next.

    If you’re walking that path as well, J, we shall all be watching you grow, very attentively. Because great things are obviously coming soon.

    More power to you.

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