Beyonce. She’s a verb now.


“Beyonce-ing.” Fabolous “threw it” in his remix with Drake, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. Maybe it’s the nerd in me, but I find the nouns as verbs concept really interesting. And I’ve helped coin a few of them. We Facebook, Google, and MySpace. But very few people can claim their name as a verb. Beyonce does sound like a conjugation, so I guess it would be a prime candidate for the name to verb conversion. Maybe it’s a sign that you have truly made it. Even Oprah has yet to be granted her own verb.

I decided to get to the bottom of this by tweeting Fabolous and asking him what it means to “Beyonce.” And as I wait for my answer, I went back to the source, the “Throw It In The Bag Remix.” According to Fabolous, a woman who is “Beyonce-ing” is a “boss,” a confident, beautiful, woman who can make her own money. She is smart and independent, praised for having her own wealth and success separate from any man. And it’s hip hop, so let’s face it, she’s pretty hot, too. At first listen, I inherently knew that “Beyonce-ing” was something positive and praiseworthy. A very good thing. When do you get to the point that you’re so huge that people will immediately understand what it means to be your name? Obama has been a very popular simile in hip hop, as artists aspire to his level of success. Someone “Oprah-ing” would probably be well received. It’s safe to say that someone who is “John Stewarting” is smart and witty. A person who is “Jay-Zing” is probably a cool dude, and you’d probably want to stay away from someone “Chris Browning.” And after that weird bow tie on Larry King, he’s probably not the most fashionable either.

Beyonce has always said that she’s quite different from her on stage diva persona Sasha Fierce. If Beyonce is really a quiet demure girl off stage, then does Fabolous really mean “Sasha Fiercing?” In any case, Mrs. Shawn Carter has set the bar quite high.

Or… maybe Fabolous really just needed something to rhyme with “beyond” and I’m totally reaching.

If you were a verb, what would your action mean?


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