I feel on top of the world…

The City. People dream of it, bright flashing lights, the glitz and glamour of the center of the world– in all inclusive terms, the universe. Small town dreams turn into metropolitan realities here. And by the City, everyone knows exactly the point of reference– no need for specifics.

Whitney Port is the newest addition to the City, giving us a glimpse into her world, navigating New York City in her Manolos.

Of course, being the frilly girl I am, I love the show. My restaurants, my clubs, my streets. What’s not to love? Yes, our lives are similar and our heels are the same height (six inches minimum). But here’s the story of my life in the City.

I’m a twentysomething born and raised in Queens, and the City is my playground. Like Whitney, I live in a gorgeous high rise overlooking Manhattan, but I share it with a few girls to pay our waterfront property rent. I work at a magazine at the top of the Roc, on my journey to becoming a media mogul. The weekends are for partying with my fellow surburban bridge and tunnelers, out of towners, and downtown hipsters. We’re in the know, trendsetters and fashionistas. Edgy yet sophisticated. Stilettos or Converses, we’re the kids to watch.

Welcome to the City– my world, my way. My successes, my stumbling blocks, my love and my heartbreak. But always taking it in stride.


2 responses to “I feel on top of the world…

  1. The city is the stage and you’re the star player: I’m watching with great intent and bated breath.

  2. I ❤ NY & I >

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